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minnesota offroading class

Our classes are not for "extreme" vehicles and people looking for hardcore trails (though the park does have that too). Instead it is geared toward the beginner who wants to walk before he/she runs (we will "crawl" over some rocks). 


What You Will Learn From Our Offroading Classes

1Learn about how your Jeep works, how to use it safely, and what kind of terrain you can negotiate. We'll talk about everything from tires and lift kits to lockers and winches. You can ask questions and feel confident that you are with a group of Jeepers who have similar adventurous interests, AND similar questions about their 4WD investment.

2Learn about maintaining your vehicle. Know what breaks and what needs extra maintenance when you go wheeling regularly.

3Learn about Jeep clubs and Jeep events in the area, other places to go, and organizations that are working to protect your access to recreational areas both in this area and around the country.

4Learn your way around the Iron Range OHV park. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources charges $38.50 for a 3-year sticker, but once you have this sticker, you can come back again and again.

5Become eligible to sign up for future classes that will cover more advanced Jeeping techniques and more difficult trails.

6Start your journey of adventure and excitement...the very reasons you bought that Jeep in the first place.




Iron Range Off Road from Iron Range Off Road on Vimeo.

Iron Range Offroad

You bought the new Jeep... Now what?

  • Where do you go?
  • How do you use it?
  • Who can you go with?

If you are asking these questions, you've come to the right place! You have the sense of adventure, you want to learn how to use that Jeep safely, you want to learn how to travel offroad responsibly, and you want to have fun!


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